When you create your WordPress website and install all the updated plug-ins and templates, your website runs smoothly. However, can it run the same way for a long period without regular maintenance? Will it be able to compete with newer sites while using outdated technology? Well, obviously no. Think of your website as a brand new car, which gives outstanding performance in the beginning, but it would not be long before its engine starts indicating problems if you do not change the oils and maintain the car.

WordPress Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Website Running Smoothly

Just like everything else, you need to keep your WordPress website updated too. If you do not update and maintain your website, you might put the website at risk. Not maintaining your website may also make it slow and clunky. The chances of your site being hacked also increases when you don’t maintain it regularly. Therefore, if you wish to maintain and update your website to make sure you do not lose it to hackers and keep it running immaculately, follow these tips:

Keep Your Database Light: What this means is whenever you edit a post using the WordPress editor, WordPress saves each edit as a new page to your database, hence increasing the load. You do not want unused and unnecessary data on your database as this increases friction and slows down your website. Make sure you delete all such data. Check for these files regularly to prevent them from piling up. The more regularly you clean your database, the easier it would be for you to maintain your website. If there are too many files, you might find it difficult and time-consuming to clear the clutter.

Organize Your Files: You might see your site is running smoothly in the beginning and one of the reasons for this is that when you first launch your website, your WordPress database is organized. However, as time passes and other files are added to the database, things start to get unorganized, hence slowing down your website. What you need to do is make sure each file is in the right folder. To make this process easier, you can use different programs.

WordPress Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Website Running Smoothly

Prevent “Table Overload”: This is when you delete files or plugins from your WordPress, rows of information are deleted. However, the space those rows use is still retained, causing lack of space. This situation is known as “Table Overload”. Make sure you clean it and measure the volume of space you are clearing up.

Keep Backup Files: One of the most important things is having a complete backup. Say you update your website regularly but somehow your website crashes and you do not have a backup. What good has the maintenance done to you and your site? This is why you should keep a complete backup and update it daily or at least weekly. You can install different programs or plugins to keep back up your files. Moreover, you can also use automatic backup programs, which update the backup files whenever you make any changes to your WordPress website.

Update Plugins: To keep you site running smoothly and to make sure it does not have any glitches, you should definitely update the plugins. Whenever WordPress offers any update, you should immediately avail it and discard the older ones. This also helps your WordPress website become more secure and hackers would find it impossible to hack it. Your data and company’s information can be kept safely using the updated plugins.

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