At the moment, there’s more than enough WordPress gallery plugins for everyone and then more. All of these plugins come with spectacular features that will blow your mind away. Your image gallery will not be the same again once you install any of these plugins.

With all these features, there is bound to be confusion. These plugins are super amazing. The features that they come with will attract you, they will appeal to you, but you need to sit back for a second and think. What are you looking for exactly? What does your website require?


Some of these WordPress gallery plugins contain a lot of functionalities while others are simple. So, what should you be on the lookout for?

 I. Upfront

Upfront is the real deal. This WordPress gallery plugin is feature packed. Forget the default gallery in WordPress. With Upfront, your gallery is in for a total makeover. Upfront is simple to use. With a simple drag and drop functionality, you can add your images into your gallery in the shortest time possible.

That’s not all, if you are not satisfied with the appearance of your gallery, you can always edit the CSS file. You could change everything, including captions, borders, padding and the thumbnails. The possibilities are endless with Upfront.


 II. Envira

If you are looking for a super responsive WordPress gallery plugin then read on. Introducing Envira, this plugin is fully responsive, meaning that you do need to worry about what type of device your clients will be accessing your website from. It works perfectly on any screen resolution with a beautiful user interface that will make navigation look so simple.

Creating a gallery is as simple as 1 2 3. The Envira WordPress gallery plugin is added to the WordPress dashboard automatically. With such easy access, all you have to do is insert the name of your gallery and choose the images you wish to upload to the gallery and what do you know! Your gallery is set up. Just like that.

Customization has never been better. Envira redefines Customization with its settings that enable you to change anything that you do not like. For example, animations, gutter, margins, layouts and so much more.



This has got to be the most popular WordPress gallery plugin on the market right now. This plugin makes it easy to upload images to your gallery, from almost everywhere. Your computer, a media library or server folder.

NextGEN helps you setup albums. Albums are a collection of galleries. Multiple images grouped into a named folder. This feature is greatly useful for websites that have so many images and they want to create some order so that their clients have an easy time while navigating.

The visual editor contains a button that enables gallery editing. Customization of your gallery can also be done with relative ease. You can decide the best way to display your gallery. From the image browser, to a slider, to thumbnails and a tag cloud.

NextGEN’s user interface is also friendly just to make sure that you do not encounter any problems while trying to find your way around.


IV. Photospace

The Photospace WordPress gallery plugin simply extends WordPress gallery’s settings. The gallery’s display can be done with thumbnails slightly to the left while the image selected will be shown in a preview space.

Photospace has a settings option where you can customize the controls to suit your preferences. For example, the use of paging, captions, image descriptions and the title of your image.

Photospace is easy to set up and simple to use as well. The fact that it stretches the default WordPress gallery functionalities means that you can do more with Photospace than you would have with the default WordPress gallery.


V. WP Photo Album Plus

I can almost bet that this is the most interactive WordPress gallery plugin I have come across. WP Photo Album Plus is powerful, interactive and responsive. This feature packed gallery packs its mean punches in its custom widgets that control all the functionalities within the plugin.

One of the features include rating and commenting on a particular image. Once a user clicks on an image, they can choose whether to rate and comment. With such a feature, you can get feedback from your visitors about various images.

The setup of this powerful plugin is not easy though, but I can guarantee you that if you are willing to go through the initial setup phase, then you are in for more wonderful features.

You can change the appearance of your gallery via customization of various options within the settings. More features include a widget that enables you to set the photo of the day, to display to the visitors, the most recent photo, the top 5 photos and so much more.


 VI. Portfolio Gallery

From Huge IT, Portfolio gallery brings in the professional feel and look to your website’s gallery. Just from the name itself, you can tell that this WordPress gallery plugin is geared towards professionalism. Instead of using the term gallery, this plugin prefers the use of portfolios.

Just because it is more professional oriented than the rest does not mean that the customizations are limited. You can customize your gallery by adding captions, descriptions of the images and so much more.

This plugin is also easy to setup. So, for beginners, this is one plugin that you definitely want to put at the top of your list. It is also responsive and therefore, anyone who visits your website will not be locked out from any feature regardless of the device they use.


VII. Gmedia Gallery

Gmedia plugin redefines sharing. This wonderful plugin has a feature that enables you to share any image on any social media platform that you wish.

Gmedia also comes with quick easy access. Just by clicking on the button at the top most of the visual editor, you can open Gmedia. The default settings of this plugin are amazing. While displaying your images, you can have music playing or a video player for that matter.

You can add modules to this plugin to enhance functionality. You could use 3D spheres, 3D cubes, sliders, photoblogs and others. This plugin will enable you to customize your gallery with various options that are available.

It is free, but it sure does come with a lot of features for a free plugin.


VIII. Photo Gallery

This WordPress gallery developed by Web Dorado uses thumbnail display. Lightbox is used to display a larger version of the image that has just been clicked.

If you are a learner in this field, I can assure you that this plugin is very easy to use. The button Photo Gallery is added to the WordPress dashboard for easy access. Photo Gallery enables you to add photos from your Instagram or Flickr page. Yes. I know most of our photos are uploaded to our Instagram page. So, this plugin makes it easy for you to share images between various platforms.

Customization is key and Photo Gallery has not disappointed. You can perform lots of custom operations to your gallery.


IX. Foo Gallery

This wonderful plugin displays your photos in a myriad of formats including the masonry format.

The plugin adds Foo Gallery to the dashboard. By selecting Add Gallery, you can create your own gallery. The Add Media feature allows you to upload your images to your gallery.

This WordPress plugin also comes with custom templates you can use to display your gallery. I should also mention that these templates are fully responsive. You can also customize these templates to suit your style.


X. WP Canvas

This plugin is more like Photospace. I say this because they perform almost the same function. That is, it extends the functionalities of your basic WordPress gallery. Nonetheless, this plugin is still amazing and that is why it is in this top 10 list.

With WP Canvas, you can display your gallery in masonry format, a carousel or as a slider. The Popup Size can be specified when an image is clicked by a visitor. When hovering over the image, it fades out just enough so that you can read the caption that is displayed.

WP Canvas has a lot of features that can be utilized to make your gallery stand out. More functionalities give your website an edge over your competition.



The above are just but a drop in the ocean. There are so many WordPress gallery plugin available in the market. However, you should be careful when choosing a gallery plugin for your website.

Most important when choosing a gallery plugin is to know what you want to achieve, and the feature-set that is important to you.

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