As mentioned in our earlier blogs, scheduling a maintenance plan for your website is extremely important for various reasons ranging from security to relevance. Also, we acknowledged the fact this routine could be absolutely stressful and intensive in nature.

What is included in a website maintenance plan?

Today, we will be looking at why you should contract a company that offers services like WordPress support services, WordPress management services and others. So you might ask yourself, what is really included in any website maintenance plan? And are the website maintenance costs really worth it?

Uptime Monitoring

I’d like you to look at this as a “guardian angel” looking over your shoulder. While you are busy running your business, it could be almost impossible to look at how your website is running. With uptime monitoring, the maintenance company has got you covered all the way. 24/7 monitoring of your website will include looking at various issues ranging from hacks that may occur to network issues and errors.

With a maintenance company at your disposal, as soon as any issue arises, they will be able to alert you as well as their technical team.

 Secure Offsite Backups

Remember we talked about the importance of having a backup plan? Well, depending on your budget and company of choice, backup plans will vary. However, most companies out there offer daily backups of your entire site and store it in a secure location for a certain period of time, again depending on your budget.

In the event that your website is hit by an unfortunate crash, you do not have to worry since you will be covered and will be able to roll back in no time.

Performance Optimization

What is included in a website maintenance plan?

Your website’s performance is of critical importance to the success of your business. You do not want a website that takes ages to load a single page. Performance optimization means that the website maintenance company will take care of your website’s speed and issues around performance. They will literary check your entire website for issues, rectify and optimize your site. and then test the website for optimum performance.

Monthly Reports

We all love fancy graphics. They speak a lot about various issues in so little time. With a website maintenance company, it is no different. Every month you will be entitled to a monthly report that comes complete with exactly how your website has been performing as well as rankings.

With such reports you can get a full understanding of your website and will help you know exactly what you need to add or maintain.

Account Management

 All website maintenance companies have a 24/7 support team that is always on standby in case you have any queries or issues. Should you ever encounter a website maintenance company without an around the clock support system, we suggest that you run as fast as possible.  With WordPress management services, you can rest easy knowing that there is a support team waiting for your questions.

WordPress Updates

What is included in a website maintenance plan?

We have talked about the importance of updating your WordPress website and this cannot be emphasized any further. The reason why many WordPress sites are hacked is due to outdated plugins, themes and core files. Most companies have WordPress support services geared towards aiding you with any WordPress issues you might encounter.

Earlier in this article, we mentioned 24/7 monitoring. Part of the monitoring includes checking for updates and once they are available, the maintenance company will take necessary steps to ensure that your website is completely up to date.

Website maintenance costs can be hectic but with such amazing benefits, I am confident that you can now see why it makes sense to subscribe for a website maintenance plan.


What’s Next?

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