Regardless of whether the new updates and changes to WordPress have successfully reduced the chances of cyber crime or not, many people are still skeptical about using WordPress. And this is due to the widely spread rumors and myths about how WordPress might risk your online data and accounts.

There are various myths about WordPress and that is exactly why consumers, businesses and even federal agencies are afraid to use WordPress. Many people think WordPress is just used for blogging so if there business does not involve blogs, they would consider WordPress useless and a waste of time.

Another myth is that WordPress is not suitable for big businesses, hence making larger businesses, which operate on a large scale, consider it unnecessary. Some think WordPress is not easy to use and will require professionals to do all the work so those companies which do not have sufficient funds to make a separate budget for WordPress experts back out instantly. Those businesses which require constant running and instant results are also seen avoiding WordPress as they might have heard it from someone that WordPress sites are slow and unresponsive.

However, the two most common myths about WordPress, security issues and support problems, have been the most influential. These two myths have contributed the most to making people going away from WordPress. It was not until recently that these two myths were debunked.

Security Issues

Two Common Myths About WordPress Security Debunked

With millions of websites using WordPress, there is a high chance of hackers leaking confidential information, alarming many ecommerce sites. However, WordPress allows you to use its highly advanced security plans and plugins to keep your data safe and sound. WordPress now sends the passwords for the sites via different ways and not via e-mails as hackers can easily hack in to e-mail accounts and steal the information.

Moreover, WordPress helps you set a tough password to make sure there are minimal chances of it being cracked. The security is being advanced day by day on WordPress making it impossible for hackers to intrude. Hackers particularly target WordPress, but thanks to the highly advanced programming, most of them are blocked.

The plugins help your website become immune to hackers as there is no way they can get access to your website as administrators. It is common for hackers to attack WordPress sites often but it does not make it any less secure. Using the right plugins and passwords, you can make your WordPress website impossible to hack.

Support Problems

Two Common Myths About WordPress Security Debunked

While WordPress does not have any official support staff, you can still get support for your websites. This must sound weird but that is how it is. You can use various ways and sources to help with your WordPress website. You can get support from different WordPress platforms and forums. Here is how [Insert Name] can enhance the security of your WordPress website.



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