A menu is a very important tool in a website, they help a visitor navigate around.  Imagine a world with no compass or street signs, no one wants to move without knowing their destination, no one even has time for that. The same applies to a website, you do not want your visitors to randomly click on links guessing and looking for what they came for. Menus make a website look more organized and presentable. A good looking website increases user experience and makes a visitor stay longer on your site.

Even though you can still create a menu through WordPress settings, it is even easier doing so using plugins. Why run when you can walk? Install a plugin and it will do the job for you. Ensure that the plugin you are choosing is compatible with your theme and/or is mobile friendly, I would say that these are the two essential factors to consider, among others of course.

If you are looking for the best WordPress menu plugins to use in your website, you are in the right place. We have listed a number of great plugins that will help you get your website to the next level (both free and premium plugins)


I. Uber menu

Uber Menu is by far the best and most popular plugin for building beautiful menus. The plugin comes with the best features and options needed to build your WordPress menu. Uber Menu is highly customizable and fully responsive. With it, you can add images, change font color, font size, background color etc. Unfortunately or fortunately, this is a premium plugin, this means that you need to part with a few coins to enjoy its features.


  • Comes with an admin dashboard that you can easily use for customization
  • The layout is user and mobile friendly.
  • Allows images, widgets, Google maps, unlimited sub menus



II. Max Mega Menu

With its drag and drop feature, Max Mega menu makes building menus feel like a walk in the park. With each custom change, you can preview your page to see the menu is unfolding in your site. Just like Uber menu, this plugin allows adding of images, widgets, map, and other interactive elements.


  • Supports single and several menu sections
  • Drag and drop ability makes the plugin easy to use
  • It’s small in size hence loads really fast


III. WP Responsive Menu

This is a free plugin that focuses in building menus that can slide on your screen. They are mainly created to be used on mobile devices. Visitors can swipe the menu from right, left, top or bottom depending on how it was configured. Visitors on PC however do not need to slide to access the complete menu, menu options are shown on the screen all at once.


  • Tailored mainly for mobile device users hence it is mobile friendly
  • You can customize the menu width with this plugin
  • Easy to install and use


IV. Mega Main Menu

Just like the name suggest, Mega Main Menu plugin adds a mega menu to you website. You cannot just get enough of this simple to use popular plugin.


  • Creates mega drop down options increasing menu functionality
  • Has over 500 Google fonts giving you unlimited color options
  • You can add links, short codes, images, texts in dropdowns.


V. NOO Menu

How can we finish this post without mentioning the NOO Menu plugin. Even though it is a premium plugin, we can say without a doubt that it is worth every single penny. It is highly customizable; you can create menus with cool designs that suit your personal taste. It is a multiplatform tool that works properly on phones, tablets, desktop and in any web browser.


  • Changes made are real-time, making it is to preview your site to see live changes.
  • Adds a mega menu to a WordPress site.
  • Offers multiple Google font colors to choose from


VI. Hero Menu

Thanks to its user friendly interface, Hero Menu makes it easy to build mega menus. It has a drag and drop ability making it easy to customize your menu. If you are using a WooCommerce site, this is the best plugin to use. It gives the ability to add proucts and their prices in the menu.


  • Supports the use of images, videos, widgets etc
  • Supports Sticky menus
  • Creates good looking menus


VII. WordPress Menufication

WordPress Menufication is a premium plugin that is used to add mobile friendly features to a website’s menu. It is easily integrated and compatible with the WordPress Menu System.


  • Can add custom logo on a menu
  • It is mobile friendly and supports touchscreen features.
  • Easily customizable


VIII. WP Floating Menu

The last but not least item in our list of best WordPress plugin to use in creating menus would be WP Floating Menu.

WP Floating Menu is the only plugin in our list that offers one-page navigation. One-page navigation simply means, when you click on a menu, a new page does not necessarily load but instead the cursor automatically jumps to the part of the page you want. Isn’t that cool? Everything you need is in one page, just click on a link and it takes you there.


  • It is fully customizable
  • It comes with mobile friendly menus
  • Different interactive features can be added in a menu using this plugin; animation, font styles, button styles etc.



We’ve given you the best that there is in terms of WordPress menu plugins. The question to you is, which do you want for your website? Well, that is up to you to decide. That will depend with what type your site needs, could be a one-page menu, mobile device menus, mega menus or any other.

If you are just starting out on WordPress, I would advise that you start with free plugins first to know which one works for you best. Then when you are decided on a style and you want to explore more features and functionalities, feel free to go for premium plugins.

If you have any plugin you like or do not like, let us know in the comments below.