There is absolutely no question WordPress has become one of the most successful and popular website publishing, open-source web application online.  Nevertheless, this is exactly why it also has a big bull’s eye on it for hackers and malicious users. The platform is also regarded as one of “the” most user-friendly. However, if you utilize the web app out of the box, you will have to deal with vulnerability complications, as it will be open season on your website.

Sure, it is quite possible you are wondering why someone would desire to hack “your” WordPress website. This is especially if your website is experience low to mid-range traffic. Well, the truth of the matter is, many professional hackers aren’t after the data on the website. Rather, they are after your server’s access point so that they can persistently spam emails.

Streamlining Security on your WordPress Website

Securing your WP Website – The Best Strategies

Understand that hackers don’t want to waste their time combating anyone in order to access their WP websites. This is primarily why they specifically prey on WP sits that are easy to hunt and attack – mainly because, unbelievably, there are plenty of security vulnerabilities that can be taken advantage of. So, the best thing you can to eliminate these loopholes and shield your WordPress website by taking the below mentioned actions:

Select a Reputable and Legitimate Web Hosting Platform

Did you know that 41% percent of all unauthorized attempts to access servers for spamming or data compromise are made possible because of poor security measures of a hosting company? This is why it is paramount to select the best of the best in webhosting companies. Look for one that focuses entirely on offering you the best in web security options and features. Moreover, mentioned below are some other factors you should consider when doing so:

  • The platforms should have up to date versions of both MySQL and PHP
  • Is thoroughly optimized for enabling WordPress features and options
  • Offers a powerful encryption-based firewall protection
  • Has experienced staff who can handle WP security complications

Always Keep your WP Site Thoroughly Up to Date

WordPress launched newer version periodically. Each version it launches is designed to eradicate possible security vulnerabilities discovered in earlier versions. Therefore, if you’ve download an earlier version of the platform, your website will always be under the threat of hacking – and earlier versions are quite simple and easy to hack.  This is exactly why there is nothing more important than keeping everything consistently up to date.

Important versions of the open source web application are designed to offer a robust array of features. These update are made twice every year. Although bigger versions offer different features and options to streamline your website building process and experience, smaller versions are launched to target security issues in that “major” version that could make your website vulnerable to hacking. Never ignore updating your WP website with these versions.

The Themes on WordPress and all the Plugins

Security issues in WP themes as well as plugins server as a common and powerful catalyst to successful website hacks. This is why you can never neglect keeping a bird’s eye view on your plugins, selecting only those you need. You have to be very cold with WP plugins, if you can operate without using a couple of plugins, quickly deactivate them and move on.

Take special care not to download plugins that WP hasn’t updated in at least the last two years. No updates = greater security risk. Here is how [Insert Name] guarantees bullet-proof WordPress website security.


Bottom Line

So there you have it, the best tips you can implement to keep your WordPress website bulletproof and fully optimized at the same time.

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