To provide the smoothest possible experience for your website users and guests, a lot need to be done under the hood to keep your website operating optimally. That is why in a bid to reduce the amount of time spent tending to the little details, several providers offer WordPress maintenance services that competently and professionally cater to the regular maintenance of your WordPress site. Among the services they provide is offsite backups, done at a frequency predetermined by the maintenance service provider, like the service Trimorph provides.

A website backup serves to store all the important information on your site in the event of security failures or your website being taken down for whatever reason. Website backups usually cover all website components including code files, databases, images, add-ons and plug-ins.

WordPress recommends at least three backups of your website’s content stored in different forms and locations (thumb drives, cloud, etc.) to reduce the possibility of data corruption and consequent loss. In 2009, Magnolia, a bookmark sharing website, suffered a massive deletion of content with repair and restoration of user data taking days, where it could be done at all.

With a growing number of factors that could lead to devastating data loss including accidental deletion, infection by viruses and malware, hard disk failures, voltage fluctuations and deliberate sabotage, it has never been more useful to back up data to forestall these eventualities.

Manually backing up your data can be exceedingly useful, but it also comes with a few drawbacks, chief among which include:

Having to constantly remember to back up your files and content

In a scenario where you already have your hands full with dealing with your day to day business activities, remembering to constantly back up your content is a much harder chore than it would be like on the surface.

Downloading the contents of a website can be a pain, especially if it is large

We all know the feeling; staring at the screen, mentally willing the little blue bar that indicates the percentage of files downloaded to move another slow step, lamenting about the sheer waste of time and at the sheer tedium of it. There really isn’t much worse than a long download.

You can’t download only select files

Downloading only the files that were changed since your last backup might seem to be a great way to avoid the tedium and waste of valuable data that occurs with constant backups, but it can’t be done. You have to download pretty much everything,

You have to personally monitor the download to make sure that it is complete

Again, more tedium.

As described above, manual backups of your WordPress site, while useful in preventing loss of content, most of the time is simply not feasible. Therefore, the use of WordPress maintenance services provide a more fruitful way of ensuring smooth running of your site, leaving you to focus on the essential parts of your business.

We’ll look after your offsite backups so you can keep your focus on your business. Contact us to discuss more.