If you have a WordPress site, the possibility of having some challenges cannot be ruled out: Slow feeds, 500 server error, site stuck in maintenance mode and page refreshing and redirecting. These challenges may make maintaining and running a successful WordPress site daunting for website owners. Here are some useful tips to help you overcome these challenges and solve common WordPress problems.

Slow feed

If your feed takes like forever to load, it may be frustrating when speed is needed. The problem may lie in an installed caching plugin. Check your site and look for the existence of this plugin. If it is present, it is caching your feed, reducing its speed. You can disable the caching plugin by disabling this functionality in the plugin’s setting. For example: For W3 Total Cache, uncheck Cache Feeds under the Page Cache Settings.

500 Server Error

The 500 Server Error is also called White Screen of Death. The primary cause of this WordPress problem is an internal conflict between the plugins. The first step to overcoming this problem is to deactivate the plugins one after the other. Sometimes, it may be impossible to log into your site. If that happens, you should rename the folder containing your wp-content/plugins to wp-content/plugins.old. With that, you should overcome the restriction and sign-in to your site. If you log in successfully, deactivate the plugins to remove the server error.

Stuck in Maintenance Mode

This is a very frustrating experience. Anyone who has previously experienced this problem can testify to this. This usually happens when you are trying to update your plugins or WordPress itself and the update accidentally fails. This typically will cause WordPress to get stuck in “Maintenance mode.” To get out of this mode, you can access your site by using FTP. Search for the .maintenance file in the site and delete it. It may be necessary that you unhide some hidden files (or dot files) before you have access to the .maintenance file. When you are through with that, resume what you were doing before getting stuck in WordPress maintenance mode.

Page Refreshing and Redirecting

You may face the problem of being redirected to the login page whenever you try to login into your dashboard. This error is usually caused when permalinks settings are poorly configured or when the .htaccess file (another dot file) causes your site to redirect traffic. You can solve this problem by clearing your cookies. This is the first step you should take whenever you have any login issues. WordPress authenticates login with cookies. Clearing your browser cache and cookies may help you identify the source of the problem. Restart your browser after clearing the cookies and cache and the problem will be solved. Remember to re-enable cookies on your browser to have access to its features.

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