By default, WordPress displays the latest posts from your blog in the front page. However, what happens if you want to display a particular page every time customers load your website?

Allow me to introduce you to the static homepage. So what is a static homepage you might ask? A static homepage is a type of webpage that allows you to display a specific page every time your customers visit your website. This type of webpage can be created to suit your taste and feel. By customizing your front page, you can ensure authenticity for your customers.

How to Setup a WP Static Home Page

In this article, we shall be taking an in depth look at how to setup a WordPress static homepage. This step by step tutorial makes it look like a piece of cake.

How to Setup a WP Static Homepage

There are 2 ways of creating a static front page with WordPress:

  1. Assigning the front page
  2. Assigning the posts page

If you decide to assign a particular page as your front page, then the content that will be displayed is exactly what you want your users or readers to view. On the other hand, if you assign a specific page to be the blog page, then the content displayed will the blog posts in a reverse sequential order.

By following the steps below you will be creating your static front page.

Creating a Static Front Page 

1. First of all, you need to be logged into your wordpress website. Locate Pages on the left side panel and proceed to Add a New Page.

How2. In the text box, enter the preferred name of your page like “Home”(what that page will be about).

How to Setup a WP Static Home Page

3. At this point I would like to bring this to your attention. If the theme presents you with an option to customize the page, go ahead and to the following -> in the Page Attributes section, choose Template.

4. After doing so, in the context area, enter the type of content you wish to be viewed in the static front page. You may also leave it empty if you want the page to be dynamic.

5. Publish the page and reload the live site to view the changes.

How to Setup a WP Static Home Page

In the following steps, we will be proceeding to build a Blog Page.

Creating a Blog Page

 Just like in the static front page, we first start by logging in into WordPress and then navigate to the dashboard on the left. Select Pages then head to Add New Page.

How to Setup a WP Static Home Page

  1. Enter the name of the page in the text box
  2. In this section please take note that unlike in the static front page, you should not use a customized template. The index.php or .php files will be employed to build this page.
  3. Also, unlike in the static front page, do not enter any content, instead, leave it empty because even if you add any content, it will be disregarded.
  4. Go ahead and publish the page.

How to Setup a WP Static Home Page


We are not done yet because we need to save the changes we have made.

  1. Proceed to Administration and click on Settings then select Reading Settings.
  2. Find “Front Page Displays” and check the radio button with name “A Static Page” (Select below) besides it.
  3. For Front Page choose Home, which is the page you created before.
  4. For Posts Page choose “Posts” or the Blog page you created earlier.
  5. Save the changes and you are good to go.

With the above step by step tutorial on how to create a WordPress static homepage I am confident that you can replicate this with so much ease and comfort and since we are familiar with the steps involved, it is only right that we also know when to use and when not to use static front pages.

So when should we use static front pages?

  • On business webpages. Display only the important stuff with a static page
  • On landing pages. If you link your website with an affiliate page then you do not want customers seeing blog posts when they get to your page. Instead, you want them to see the product you are advertising.
  • While displaying portfolios. Show your customers your finest works immediately they access your website.
  • In forums and marketplaces. Interact with your customers on the market place with a static homepage.

Let us take a look at some of the places you should not use one:

  • In news websites. This is rather straight to the point. Displaying the up to date news with a static front page is not convenient.
  • In blogs. People want to see the latest blog posts and a static page will not do the trick for you.
  • In showcases. If you need to showcase various products, then you need to display the latest that you have or what you are currently working on. A static front page is not a good idea for such.

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