The question that is probably in your mind right now is, what is a widget? I’ll be as simple as I can. A WordPress widget is simply a small block that performs a very specific function. They allow you to add features and content in your website thus providing an easy and efficient way of performing various tasks that would have otherwise been a hectic.

Widgets are a common way of adding a new feel to your website. WordPress widgets allows you to easily customize your website. WordPress themes and plugins allow you to add some of these amazing widgets that guarantee you of a different feel in your website. Some of these widgets include popular post, email subscribe, calendar and so much more.

How to Get the Best Out of WordPress Widgets

Today we will be looking at how you can get the most out of these widgets but taking a look at some the best WordPress widgets.

Recent Posts Widgets

 Starting us off is the Recent Posts Widgets. It comes bundled with thumbnails and also comes by default with WordPress. Just as the name implies, its main job is to display a plain list of your recent posts. As mentioned earlier, this widget comes with thumbnails which allows you to display recent posts with thumbnails. The featured image of the first image is what will be used as the thumbnail.

Also, you can easily adjust the height and width of the image from the widget’s settings screen.

Simple Social Icons

 In this days where technology has taken over our social lives, it is critical for your company to reach out to its customers via social media avenues. A win in the social media could very much mean a win in revenues. So, with a social media icons widget you can connect with your clients.

This widget is will allow you to add social icons on your website. The configuration of the various options are contained in the widget’s settings. In addition, you can modify the icon by choosing a background and icon font color of your own choice.

Google Maps Widget

How to Get the Best Out of WordPress Widgets

An address at the bottom of your website is good but a map that directs your clients to your address is even better. The best and easiest way to add a map your website is by using Google Maps Widget.

This amazing widget allows you display a detailed map of your company’s location.

Testimonials Widget

We all long for feedback from our customers to know whether we met their demands professionally and using a testimonials widget is the best way to let your customers write about your services. After the customers have posted their testimonials, you will be able to view them using a widget or a console.

Tabbed Login Widget

Almost all websites contain a login or register page where users simply access their accounts. However, you can save space on your database by using  login widget which will take up less space is just as effective as having an entire page dedicated to signing up and logging in.

With this widget, your users will experience quick access to the website without accessing the admin area.


Most of the times we would want to provide updates to our customers and that could be hectic. So what would be the best way to get your updates to your clients? This is where this great widget called OptinMonster comes in handy.

OptinMonster will help you create a mailing list. Also, OptinMonster comes with two widgets, the Sidebar and Afterpost. Both of them allow you to add subscribe forms on your website. These forms allow your clients to subscribe to the latest news from your company.

It also allows you to group your users into different categories thus making your life a lot easier.

YouTube Channel Gallery

How to Get the Best Out of WordPress Widgets

Videos are an important form of communication to your clients. However, not all website owners are aware of how they can take advantage of the benefits involved. So, the question you might be asking yourself would be, how do I get to share my videos with my clients?

The YouTube Channel Gallery widget is exactly what you need to have. This wonderful widget allows you display your latest videos from your YouTube channel directly onto your WordPress site.

Your videos will be displayed in a neat grid layout taking far much less space as well as capturing your customers’ attention.


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