How to Install Your Theme of Choice on WordPress

by Paul Raymond • 3 April, 2017

The fact that you have gotten to installing your theme means you’ve gone through all the steps successfully and the hardest part is behind you. In this article, we will take you through the steps of installing your selected theme and how to activate it. Your website will have a brand-new look in no time at all.

Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a WordPress Website

by Paul Raymond • 31 March, 2017

Learn how to create a WordPress website in 5 easy steps. We will try our best to explain as much as we can in a few words and provide lots of resources for reference and additional help.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Plugins for Your WordPress Website

by Paul Raymond • 29 March, 2017

Plugins make it possible to extend the functionality of a basic WordPress installation but choosing the best ones for a specific purpose is an uphill task. This article will try to make the process of selecting the plugins to use for your WordPress website simple and painless.

Why WordPress is the Best Platform to use for your Business Website

by Paul Raymond • 24 March, 2017

With humble blogging backgrounds, WordPress has evolved to become the most powerful and comprehensive website platform. It powers 25% of the internet and is without a doubt, the best platform for your business website.