Why do you need a website?

by Paul Raymond • 22 August, 2017

Just like fashion, websites are trendy. They come and go, but if you build an authentic website, you are guaranteed that you will survive the harsh times. You need a website to build trust amongst your clients. If you do not have a website by now you are charting a clear path for failure.

How to Change Site Title in a WordPress Website

by Paul Raymond • 12 August, 2017

When installing a WordPress website, it is common to enter a random name and tag line just to get through the installation process. However, this is not a permanent situation as appears. Most of the website titles and taglines are changed during WordPress support and maintenance. If you decide to change the name and tagline of your website at a later date, it is perfectly okay and possible.

Top 5 Forum Plugins for WordPress for 2017

by Paul Raymond • 3 July, 2017

Keeping people around your website is a daunting task that requires a lot of creativity and hard work. Forums have proven to be a perfect way for website owners to keep their readers coming back for more. With interesting and candid conversations in the forum, readers will always be looking forward to coming back.

Best WordPress Personal Blog Themes for 2017

by Paul Raymond • 18 May, 2017

WordPress started out as a blog and eventually grew into something so huge that people almost forgot what it was initially. However, WordPress continues to come up with themes that are perfect for blogs.