Personal blogs have become the most common way of interaction in this age, and has increasingly provided a stable career for a lot of professionals who can display their prowess on the blogs. WordPress has been the most preferred blogging platform for the longest time now and for good reason too.

Remember that WordPress in itself, started out as a blog, right now it has grown into so much that one would even forget its intended purpose because of how much it as diversified. So, today we go back to its genesis and check out some of the best WordPress blog themes for 2017.

A good theme should give your website authenticity, uniqueness and a distinct character so that you are able share your feelings with your readers. It should also be noted that a good theme will help you rank well in major search engines which will work to your advantage. Creating a WordPress blog that meets the above demands can be hectic.
Today we will be taking a closer look at a curated list of the best WordPress blog themes for 2017 that come with wonderful features that will make your blog stick out.

Cheer Up

Best WordPress Personal Blog Themes for 2017

This particular theme has quite a lot to offer to various personal bloggers. With a clean and modern design that is tech savvy as well as easy to use, the Cheer Up WordPress theme is undoubtedly one of the most used themes in 2017 and I couldn’t agree more.

Cheer Up is a beautiful multipurpose blog theme fitted with an effective set of custom tools and widgets that work to make your website stand out among the rest. With features such as MailChimp compatibility, integrated sharing buttons, quick customization, hundreds of layout options and beautiful galleries, Cheer Up is set up to help you build a powerful brand that will help you get your content to millions of readers.

In addition, Cheer Up is SEO optimized and is optimized so that it loads even faster. So, you can rest easy knowing that you will not suffer when it comes to search engine rankings.

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Best WordPress Personal Blog Themes for 2017

Jevelin is an easy to work with, creative and tech savvy theme that is user friendly hence ensuring your readers have an easy time while browsing through your content. Besides that, Jevelin is a highly responsive website coupled with various latest features and capabilities.

This particular theme is highly recommended for professional, business, or personal websites. With pre-designed layouts and webpage templates, your website is fully compatible with the today’s age.

It should also be noted that this theme is SEO optimized and therefore, you will not have to worry about search engine rankings.

Give Jevelin a try today and enjoy the difference.


Best WordPress Personal Blog Themes for 2017

Writing is a minimalist but that should not be taken as a downside because it is extremely powerful. We will be looking at minimalist themes in subsequent articles do be sure to stick around.

Writing is fully responsive. This means that whether your readers are accessing your website via a mobile phone or a tablet, they are guaranteed that the content is fully optimized to fit any device screen of different resolution.

Search engines will also have a hard time keeping Writing out of the top searches because this theme is already SEO optimized and thus increases your chances of maximizing on your website’s exposure. Social sharing buttons are also incorporated to make it easy for your followers to connect with you on various social media platforms.

With such a theme, your readers are guaranteed of the best reader experience. Get this theme today here and give your readers a new feel.


Best WordPress Personal Blog Themes for 2017

Earlier on, we talked of how blogs have become a common way of showcasing your prowess and also a form of sharing experiences with the rest of the world. As such, very many blogs are coming up every other day and if you are also thinking of starting one yourself then you are way behind. However, not to worry because I have just the perfect theme that will guarantee you a competitive edge over your rivals.

Introducing Uncode, a fully responsive and feature packed theme that will give your blog that personal touch that will ensure your readers get a user experience that cannot be compared to any other. With the ability to customize your layouts with a reliable drag and drop technology, you do not need to have any prior knowledge on coding.

Uncode is also SEO optimized with fast loading speeds to guarantee you a top place in search engine rankings.

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Best WordPress Personal Blog Themes for 2017

Another one of the best WordPress blog themes is Shasta. This theme is highly oriented to lifestyle blogging and comes with various built-in layouts that you can choose from and customize to achieve your ultimate personal space.

An important feature of Shasta is that it is SEO optimized therefore, you are assured of high rankings in search engines. In addition, features like social media sharing are incorporated to ensure that you and your customers have an easy time connecting on all social media platforms.

Shasta is built using Bootstrap version 3 framework as well as inter-browser compatibility. This means that your readers can access your blog from any browser.

Begin your blogging career with Shasta by downloading this theme right here.


Best WordPress Personal Blog Themes for 2017

If you are looking to start a magazine, news or review site, I strongly suggest that you get yourself the Newspaper WordPress blog theme. The reason I suggest this is because this theme is the bestselling news and magazine theme of all time. Newspaper will help you tell your story in a professional way. From fashion to travel blogs, this theme has your back.

With a ton of features that are geared towards professional excellence like SEO optimization, Google AdSense compatibility, incorporated translations and a host of other amazing features, Newspaper simply gets you on top of your game.

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Best WordPress Personal Blog Themes for 2017

What’s cooking? I’ll tell you. Simple and intuitive are the words that characterize this theme. This fully responsive and easy to use theme is suitable for websites that deal with foodstuff. Foodica has everything you need from restaurants, to caterers, reviewers and foodies.

With several layouts to choose from, Foodica gives you the freedom to customize your website. Attractive content presentation, customized codes uniquely built for Foodica like direction and ingredient short codes that help you create recipes.

Download this theme here.


Best WordPress Personal Blog Themes for 2017

This theme is super lightweight and fully responsive. For bloggers who write reviews for various items or destinations and so on, then this is exactly what you need to get. With color patterns that add style your website, this website assures you of uniqueness in this very competitive market.

Parrot as mentioned earlier is fully responsive and therefore, you do not need to worry about the type of device you might be viewing it from.



It is now clear that you cannot overlook the importance of a well-built website blog. To be able to put your point across, you need to be presentable, authentic and unique. The above are some of the best WordPress blog themes that will provide you with a clear path to success.

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