Are you in search of a WordPress membership plugin that will suit your website perfectly? Well, choosing a plugin that fits your website is extremely important – both for you and your customers. Plugins increase the functionality of your website and with a fantastic WordPress membership plugin, it can get even better.

Before we dive into dissecting the top WordPress membership plugins, we need to understand what a membership plugin is. The main feature of a WordPress membership plugin is to control accessibility to some or all content in your website. Membership requires that you either register with the particular website or you could pay some amount for membership.  Some websites have various levels of membership that you need to subscribe to in order to get access.

Today in this article, we will be taking a closer look at some of the top WordPress membership plugins available in the market.


What to Look for in Membership Plugins

So, before we start checking out our list, I thought it would be of great benefit to you to know what you should look out for the next time you want a WordPress membership plugin.

WordPress membership plugins are in plenty. However, not all are a good fit for your website. Some are good for subscription sales on one level while some are a little diverse on various levels.

Another thing that you need to consider is the payment methods available or supported by that plugin. You should have several platforms that receive payment on your behalf.


 I. MemberPress

This is one of the best WordPress membership plugins available. It is robust and comes packed with amazing features including:

Easy setup – For beginners, this is definitely the type of membership plugin you need to consider. This plugin is very easy to set up, including login, pricing as well as user pages. Also adding more membership options is as easy as pie.

Access Control – If you need to control access to various content in your website, then this is the perfect plugin.

Content Dripping – As the name suggests. This feature allows you to release content bit by bit to a particular membership level. This feature can be used while selling online content like courses.

Integrations – This amazing plugin also comes with various mailing services. An example is Aweber, GetResponse and MailChimp. There are also various services that you can use to host podcasts.


 II. Paid Members Pro

This plugin is another contender for the best WordPress membership plugin. Paid Members Pro is a fantastic choice for those that intend to include premium membership on their websites.

It contains various amazing features that will make your life easy. However, this plugin is not for beginners because it is very complex and so, setting up this plugin is not a simple undertaking.

Anyway, here are some of the wonderful features included in Paid Members Pro:

Free version – For beginners, this could be a pointer to what this plugin has in store for you. With the basic version, you could do so much, but then again it has limited functionality.

Added Payment Options – This plugin covers almost all payment platforms, so that your customers will not be stranded when it comes to modes of payment. You do not want a scenario where clients want to pay their membership fees, but their preferred payment mode is not included.

Added Integrations – Paid Membership Pro contains various add-ons that will assist you in case you want to access third party services like mailing.


 III. Restrict Content Pro

From the creators of various most downloaded plugins like Easy Digital Downloads and AffiliateWP, Restrict Content Pro is another heavy contender for the best WordPress Membership plugin.

Unlike Paid Members Pro, this plugin is actually quite easy to use. It is user-friendly in all ways and it also comes packed with several features that will improve your website’s functionality.

Let us look at some of its features:

Easy to use – With an excellent user interface, Restrict Content Pro makes sure that the developer as well as the users can navigate the plugin with relative ease.

Payment Options – From PayPal to Braintree, all payment options are integrated to make sure that every client is catered for.

InBuilt Integrations – Think of any add-ons and Restrict Content Pro has them built into their plugin. MailChimp, Stripe, PayPal and so much more. All these add-ons come free of charge with Restrict Content Pro.

Fantastic Support – the creators of this plugin have certainly hit the jackpot when it comes to customer support. Restrict Content Pro comes with a detailed documentation which you can use if you encounter any problems. You can also use the documentation to learn what the plugin can offer.

If the documentation provided does not satisfy you, Restrict Content Pro has an email service which you can use to send your queries. It is also important to say that their response is absolutely fast.


 IV. LearnDash

This plugin is for those that are looking for flexibility. With LearnDash, you can be as flexible as you wish because it comes with amazing features that will help you achieve flexibility.

Some of the features include:

Easy Setup – For the beginners, this plugin is absolutely safe for you. You can set it up with quick and simple steps. Apart from the ease of installation, it is also easy to use when creating various levels of membership.

Content Restriction – If you wish to hide various content on your website, then this is the perfect plugin for that.

More features include integrated payment like PayPal, drip content that ensures you can release content in bits at intervals of your choosing. Also included is in-built community features.


 V. S2Member

The last contender in our list is the S2Member plugin. One of the feature that has made this plugin popular is the fact that it is free. You can download it and try it out.

Let us look at some of the features:

Free Plugin – As I mentioned earlier, S2Member is free for download, although the free version contains limited functionalities. There is a premium version that could open up new options.

Drip Content – The drip feature ensures that you can limit the content at various times.

Payment Options – In the free version, PayPal is supported, but in the premium version more payment options are available.

Support and Documentation – S2Member contains great documentation that you can refer to when you get stuck.

Other features include integrations like MailChimp, BuddPress and bbPress.


Bottom Line

With some knowledge on the best WordPress membership plugins, you can now make informed decisions on which one to use. I am glad to have shed some light. Continue reading our articles for more tips.

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