Millions of websites on the internet are built on WordPress CMS. Having said that, it’s easy to draw the conclusion that these websites form the largest hunting ground for hackers. Every once in a while, WordPress has to release updates that include patches to various vulnerabilities that the hackers use to penetrate systems.

However, as much as WordPress is on high alert regarding vulnerabilities, third party software that might be acquired by users pose a new challenge to the gigantic platform. Such third party software are a source of major attacks on servers hosting millions of websites.

With such real threats out there, you need to be protected against such attacks. If you are serious about success in your online business and, especially, if your website runs on WordPress, then you need to read this article carefully.

In this article, we will be scrutinizing various WordPress security plugins. These plugins present a host of features that are guaranteed to defend your website from known vulnerabilities.

Without much further ado, let us dive right in.


 1. WordFence

This WordPress security plugin is at number 1 for a reason. It is by far the most popular security plugin around. One of its key features is its malware scanning capabilities. Once installed, WordFence will initiate a full scan of your entire website. This includes, the core WordPress files, themes as well as plugins. If it comes across a suspicious file or an infection, you can be sure that it will notify you.

Another key feature is the performance improvement. WordFence brags that it will make your website up to 50 times faster. Falcom caching engine is what it uses to make your website faster.

Brute force attacks are common and hackers use this method to access accounts. With WordFence, you can prevent this as well as add two factor authentication through SMS. Also included in this plugin, is the feature that allows you to block traffic from a certain country. It can also block made up or fake traffic, scanners and botnets.

More features included in WordFence include scanning comments and posts for suspicious code. You could also use it with multiple sites. Real time traffic analytics on your website is also an added feature.

If you need this plugin, download it here.


 2. BulletProof Security

Next on our list is BulletProof security. This amazing WordPress security plugin takes care of a myriad of security loopholes while adding more security precautions. For example, BulletProof security incorporates a firewall as well as database security measures. Also included is a login security among others. All you need to do once you have downloaded this security plugin is to activate it. The rest will be taken care of. Just sit back and relax.

As an added security measure to prevent unauthorized access to user accounts, BulletProof limits the number of failed login attempts to ensure it keeps out hackers. It also blocks IPs from accessing your website, fake traffic, security scanners as well as code scanners. BulletProof also comes with a real-time scanner that keeps checking your WordPress core files, themes not forgetting plugins. In the event that it encounters a malicious file or code, the admin will be notified immediately.

Website optimization is also a key factor. BulletProof security plugin implements caching that improves the performance of your website, thereby giving your visitors the best user experience.

BulletProof security plugin updates itself automatically anytime a new update release is available. This ensures that your website is protected from upcoming vulnerabilities.

To download BulletProof, click here.


 3. Sucuri Security

Sucuri WordPress security plugin is a product from renowned auditing and website security company Sucuri. This wonderful plugin comes packed with a list of various security features that include, auditing of security activities, monitoring file integrity, a malware scanner, and firewalls for your websites as well as monitoring your blacklist.

Google Safe Browsing, Norton, Sucuri Labs and McAfee Site Advisor are some of the blacklist engines that Sucuri security incorporates to ensure that your website is protected from all forms of security threats.

DOS attacks can cause serious losses to your website if you are not protected. However, with Sucuri, you can rest easy. Zero Day Disclosure Patches, scanner attacks and bruteforce attacks are also some of the security threats that Sucuri is capable of handling.

This is a paid plugin and therefore, if you have the money I would strongly recommend that you go for the premium service.

If you are interested in Sucuri, you can go ahead and download it here.


 4. iThemes Security

iThemes security is one of the best security plugin for WordPress. It boasts of over 30 ways that it can protect your website from known vulnerabilities. One of its features include the famous one-click installation that provides an easy way for you to install this plugin.

Tracking and monitoring user activities on your website is absolutely crucial just for the safety of your website. iThemes takes care of this. Two-factor authentication is also a feature that strengthens the security of user accounts. Other features include malware scanning, export/import settings among others.

Just like any other security plugin, iThemes scans your entire website for any vulnerability and notifies you immediately it finds anything. Bruteforce attacks from specific IP addresses and bruteforce attacks in general are also countered by iThemes.

An interesting feature in iThemes is that is forces its users to employ strong passwords. Also, it uses Google reCAPTCHA to ensure that you do not have spam content on your website.

Download iThemes Security here.


 5. Acunetix WP Security Scan

Acunetix WP Security Scan closes our top 5 list of the best security plugins for WordPress. This plugin is a product of Acunetix, a very well-known and established web application security company.

Acunetix performs scans on your website to try and find any vulnerabilities that may compromise your website. If it finds anything, it will notify you immediately.

One feature about Acunetix that tops it all is the fact that they provide database backups for your website. With such a tool, you can always relax knowing that you can restore all you data with just one click.

More features that come with Acunetix are, real-time traffic analytics, file permission security among others.

If you are interested in Acunetix WP Security Scan, you can download it here.



There are many other security plugins that can secure your website. However, you need to be very keen while choosing a security plugin. Choose a plugin that will best fit or suit your website. Various security plugins are built to take care of certain security issues, but you need to ensure that it takes care of the basics like bruteforce attacks, database security and malware scanning among others.

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