WordPress business themes are in extremely high demand. Every business that is started in this time and age of technology has its eyes on a business website where they can display their products to potential customers. Customers need to see what is sold to them so that they can gauge the quality and compare with other companies and so, the internet is their first stop to try and find out every bit of information available about the product.

Best Free WordPress Themes for Business

Business owners are therefore inclined to present a website that is responsive and engaging where the customers can be satisfied. As a marketing tool, websites th have proven to be very valuable and as such, you need a presentable and attractive website. This is where the WordPress business themes come in handy.

WordPress has made it so easy for anyone to build an attractive website with custom-made business themes. These themes are attractive, bold and elegant, just what you need for a successful business website. In light of this, we will be looking at some of the best free WordPress themes for business.


Best Free WordPress Themes for Business

Starting our list is the Shapely WordPress business theme. This is a free one page WordPress theme bundled with a host of amazing functionalities. Shapely is radical and versatile not to mention its striking graphics, sharp text not forgetting the vibrant colors.

Shapely is built from Bootstrap version 3 framework which is fully compatible with any operating system. The layout is also responsive and therefore, it can be viewed from different screens irrespective of the size or resolution.

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Best Free WordPress Themes for Business

Illdy works extremely perfect for portfolio, creative and business websites. Based on Bootstrap and its frontend framework feature, this theme is fully responsive and absolutely friendly on all device screens.

This theme is entirely free WordPress business theme that is customizable, flexible, appealing, bold and robust for your business needs ranging from corporate business to blogs to magazines.

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Best Free WordPress Themes for Business

This is one of best free WordPress themes for business and is especially perfect for agencies, artists, photographers, freelancers or any other general business website. Enter free WordPress business theme features portfolios, pricing tables as well as contact forms coupled with a map that ensures you don’t have to entirely rely on any other third party plugins.

Enter is fully SEO friendly and you can select from various variants of your homepage that include a default homepage, a video, an image background or a fade slider. All these aimed at ensuring that your website is attractive and engaging with your customers.

Also the Enter theme is fully compatible with any device screen and therefore, gives your customers a fantastic user experience while browsing your website. All in all, enter gives your business a remarkable yet professional look.

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Best Free WordPress Themes for Business

As one of the best free WordPress themes for business, Starter contains all the amazing features you require to make your website appealing to your target clients. Characterized by a clean and stylish look, Starter makes your website look amazingly beautiful.

Starter is also a free one page business theme that enables your business to display everything in just one page making it very easy for the client to view all the important elements of your business in just one place.

This theme is also SEO optimized that makes it searchable on every search engine out there. The Starter theme is also fully responsive and this means that your website will look beautiful on very device screen.

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NewsMag Lite

Best Free WordPress Themes for Business

Just as the name suggests, this incredible theme is perfect for online magazines. With its fresh and innovative look, the NewsMag Lite free WordPress theme makes it easy for you to build an interactive website that will ensure your customers will stay glued to your website.

NewsMag makes it easy for you to customize your website because it comes with infinite Google fonts and colors as well as carousels, social media features that will enable you to connect with your clients on every social media platform. Also, built into the theme are powerful SEO settings that let you make adjustments to ensure that you stay on top of your competition.

NewsMag Lite is free for download.


Best Free WordPress Themes for Business

This customizable, professional, reliable and robust theme has been built with careful consideration to important detail all intended to present a perfect and quality theme to you. Built in capabilities, features and plugins help you in customizing your website and therefore enables you to change your style and feel to ensure that you stay relevant at all times.

The Allegiant theme is business oriented and packs a lot of fitting features like professional portfolios of high quality that ensure you showcase all your premium handy work to your customers. Allegiant is also fully responsive and thus you do not have to worry about whether your website will be available on a mobile phone or tablet with varying resolutions.

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Best Free WordPress Themes for Business

The Affluent theme is stylish, classy, dynamic, and vastly customizable along with fully responsive free WordPress business theme that portrays a professional look to your potential clients. Affluent aims at providing a framework that is flexible for your business. Built from the latest HTML5 code and CSS3 as well as Bootstrap that ensures Affluent websites are responsive and also compatible with all devices regardless of their screen resolution.

Also coupled with Affluent is a professional portfolio that with capabilities of showcasing your finest projects and accomplishments.

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Best Free WordPress Themes for Business

Closing our list is the Ascent WordPress theme. With an impressive list of features, Ascent is definitely an amazing theme for your business. Innovative technology like HTML5 and CSS3 are some of what the Ascent is made of.

With this theme, you will be able to customize or better yet personalize your background to suit your style and feel thus making you unique from the rest of the pack. Also included is a custom menu with a range of options that facilitate theme customization. This theme is very popular among WordPress users and has not disappointed.

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Websites need authenticity and uniqueness and the above free WordPress themes for business make it absolutely easy to achieve the same. Customers need to feel at home when accessing your website and you need to keep your business in the customers’ mouths to improve your revenues and with the above best free WordPress themes for business

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