It is often said that the customer is always right and I wouldn’t agree more. Customer satisfaction is to business survival and therefore, steps must be taken in order to ensure that your customers are always satisfied and that they keep coming back. In an age where millions of people are constantly engaged to the web on a daily basis, it is important that you provide the kind of customer service that inspire your customers and also have them talking about your business everywhere they go.

Best Customer Service Plugins in WordPress

WordPress has plenty of options to choose from when it comes to customer service and today we will be diving right into the world of customer service with some of the most favorite customer service and customer support plugins that you can download.


Starting us off is the WP-LiveChat. This WordPress customer service plugin offers a lot of options including both the free and paid versions. With an organic structure of the typical live chat plugin, coupled with an east to navigate interface, the WP-LiveChat makes live chatting experience a walk in the park. This amazing plugin works with most of the WordPress plugins and you can also opt to receive notifications on your desktop immediately a new live chat window pops. It also records all missed live chats in the database.


Coming in second is the Zendesk which comes with some truly amazing modern and unique features. For example, it enables you to turn all your existing WordPress blog comments into unique and individual support tickets. So what does this mean? In a nutshell, it means that if you are writing some content that is guaranteed to spark some questions and feedback as well then, instead of having an open conversation with the commenter, you can click on the name and a new support conversation will pop up. I mean if that isn’t unique and cool, I don’t know what is.

Also included is a dynamic help widget that ensures all your visitors get the latest information on support articles which means that they will remain updated. The widget also offers a simple feedback tab that allows visitors to reach you directly.

Help Scout Desk

Best Customer Service Plugins in WordPress

Help Scout Desk is an email based help desk for companies that truly value their customers. To achieve customer satisfaction, you need to be able to converse with your customers effortlessly and Help Scout aids you in this by concentrating on creating conversations. One key feature that stands out in Help Scout is how personal the communication can get from a customer’s point of view.

Also, from the support end, you can manage various inboxes and brands as well as organize and track your customers’ conversations, add notes and a whole lot more.

Casengo Live Chat

For the best customer service, you need a plugin that is unique and one that stands out. Casengo is simply all the above wrapped into one. One of its unique features is the WhatsApp integration which enables you to get in touch with your clients wherever they go. With such features, Casengo ensures that they have you covered across all mobile platforms.

In addition to WhatsApp, Casengo also integrates Facebook and twitter as well as an in-built FAQ knowledge base that helps a lot in answering those common problems quickly and effectively. They also have analytics which help you understand performance and customer overview among other fabulous features that are guaranteed to make live chatting more fun and dynamic.

Zopim Live Chat

Customer satisfaction is all about efficiency and professionalism with a human touch. Customers want their questions handled in the most professional way and most of all with a human touch. Zopim live chat is built exactly for that. With a built-in platform that enables one-on-one live chat with your customers, you are guaranteed of landing more clients when you show them your dedication and commitment when it comes to handling their queries.

It also contains an integrated analytics platform which analyzes the behavior of your visitors and thus helps you make informed decisions.

JS Support

Best Customer Service Plugins in WordPress

JS Support is a fantastic WordPress support service that is Bootstrap based and is suitable for the bloggers. One of the interesting features about the JS Support is that visitors can create new support tickets and the tickets will be handled by a specific team that is professionally equipped to handle your queries. Also, apart from that, it includes ticket prioritizing and the ability to attach files with the ticket.

Translation files are also included to make your life easy when replying to visitors of foreign languages.

A1 Support Desk

If for some reason you feel that a live chatting plugin is not enough for your business as well as customer service needs, then maybe you should consider taking a look at some of the sophisticated customer support plugins that are more geared towards customer service management.

The A1 Support Desk premium support plugin comes with built-in support features that include live chat, departments, feature request, service selling, transfer chat, bug reporting, product showcase and so much more.

AH Tickets

If you are one of those that is looking for a simple ticketing system with a modern touch, then the AH Tickets is exactly what you need to have. With the basic functionality of a WordPress customer service plugin, AH Tickets comes bundled with email notifications to keep you updated on the latest tickets that are being opened. With these notifications, you are assured that no ticket will go unanswered.


Customer service and satisfaction cannot be ignored if you want to be a successful business person. As such, you need to take appropriate steps that will ensure your customers are satisfied. By getting some of the top WordPress customer service plugins, you are already miles ahead of your competition and this means more revenues for your business as well as a lasting positive image of your company.

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