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How to Embed a YouTube Video in WordPress

by Paul Raymond • 30 May, 2017

YouTube on WordPress is common these days on various websites. These videos eliminate the need to open YouTube to view a particular video. For website owners, it goes a long way in saving storage space they would have otherwise had to pay for.

How to Setup a WP Static Home Page

by Paul Raymond • 27 May, 2017

A static homepage is a type of webpage that allows you to display a specific page every time your customers visit your website. This type of webpage can be created to suit your taste and feel. By customizing your front page, you can ensure authenticity for your customers.

Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins for 2017

by Paul Raymond • 25 May, 2017

We create a website with the intent of reaching a certain target group, regardless of your target group, the more visitors your site gets the better the performance. Google analytics help you to keep track of traffic and the content your visitors prefer on your website. Integrating Analytics plugins into a website helps you figure out what content keeps your visitors hooked, motivates you to make necessary adjustments hence determining the growth of your site.

The Best FREE Ecommerce WordPress Themes for 2017

by Paul Raymond • 23 May, 2017

For your business to succeed in the present day world, you need to have a strong online presence. Most clients go to the internet to search for various products and so you need to create an ecommerce website where you can display your products to the rest of the world.

Best WordPress Security Plugins for 2017

by Paul Raymond • 21 May, 2017

WordPress has a host various security plugins that are fully compatible. Most of the websites online are based on WordPress and this makes it a potential target for malicious attacks.

Best WordPress Personal Blog Themes for 2017

by Paul Raymond • 18 May, 2017

WordPress started out as a blog and eventually grew into something so huge that people almost forgot what it was initially. However, WordPress continues to come up with themes that are perfect for blogs.

A Beginners Guide to WordPress Layer Slider

by Paul Raymond • 16 May, 2017

Using LayerSliders can be quite a challenge but with the proper motivation and guidance, you will be a pro in no time.

Best Free WordPress Themes for Business

by Paul Raymond • 13 May, 2017

WordPress business themes are easy to download and install as well as work with. Built with the latest technology, these themes are of top quality.

How WordPress Works

by Paul Raymond • 11 May, 2017

WordPress is an easy to use tool that accommodates both the beginners and expert users. It allows you to create and customize your blog, manage settings, add or remove users from your blog, and more. As a newbie, you have probably wondered, ‘how does WordPress work?’ Don’t fret, the main purpose of this article is to empower you with the knowledge of how WordPress works.

Best Customer Service Plugins in WordPress

by Paul Raymond • 9 May, 2017

The advantages of having a WordPress customer service plugin is crucial and it makes life easy while handling your customers’ queries.