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How to Track WP eCommerce Shipping using Temando

by Paul Raymond • 14 September, 2017

Shipments are important to any company’s success. From the timelines of the deliveries to the quality of the deliveries, any hitches will be met with serious consequences. Customers could flee, especially if you have no valid explanation for the delay.

How to Reduce your WooCommerce Cart Abandonment

by Paul Raymond • 9 September, 2017

Success is a target for every store owner and this is not easy. In order to increase your turnover, you need to fix issues like cart abandonment. At least 77% of customers abandoned their carts before they proceeded to the checkout page. This in simple terms means that only 1 in 5 customers actually made it to check out and purchased a product.

Top 5 Fastest WordPress Themes

by Paul Raymond • 4 September, 2017

Fast is good. Nothing offers great customer experience that a website that loads fast, typically in less than two seconds. Slow websites are annoying. As a website owner, you should want to cut down on the load time of your website in order to avoid losing visitors.

How to Remove “Powered by WordPress” tag from your website

by Paul Raymond • 27 August, 2017

Sometimes a WordPress upgrade can be fitting your business, well almost all the time. One such upgrade would be removing that pesky tagline, ‘powered by WordPress’ from your footer. It doesn’t sound like much, but I’d like to think that you are drumming up support for your business and not WordPress.

Why do you need a website?

by Paul Raymond • 22 August, 2017

Just like fashion, websites are trendy. They come and go, but if you build an authentic website, you are guaranteed that you will survive the harsh times. You need a website to build trust amongst your clients. If you do not have a website by now you are charting a clear path for failure.

How to Duplicate a page in WordPress

by Paul Raymond • 17 August, 2017

Cloning a page or a post for that matter has been extremely difficult and time wasting up until some time back when an amazing plugin hit the market. This to many like me was a real life saver. Saving me from the frustrations of doing the same thing over and over.

How to Change Site Title in a WordPress Website

by Paul Raymond • 12 August, 2017

When installing a WordPress website, it is common to enter a random name and tag line just to get through the installation process. However, this is not a permanent situation as appears. Most of the website titles and taglines are changed during WordPress support and maintenance. If you decide to change the name and tagline of your website at a later date, it is perfectly okay and possible.

How to Build an e-commerce Website using WordPress

by Paul Raymond • 7 August, 2017

Building an e-commerce website can be a daunting task, especially if you do not know where to start. WordPress however, is the best website building platform available and therefore, it is reliable when it comes to building an e-commerce website since it has the ability to accommodate various functionalities and styles.

How to add Facebook Pixel to WordPress

by Paul Raymond • 28 July, 2017

For those that have been toiling hard to advertise their websites, then this article is definitely for you. I have the solution that will blow your mind. Introducing Facebook pixels. Well, it sounds new to you right now, but I can guarantee you that you have seen exactly how it works. Read on to find out more about this amazing technology.

Word Press Basics – How to Choose a WordPress Theme

by Paul Raymond • 23 July, 2017

Themes are important to your website. They display your personality to customers that visit your website. There are various themes available in the market that you can choose from. However, as much as these themes are super flashy, you need to be clear about what you want. Some themes may not be perfect for your website.