A domain name is one of the building blocks of success online. It is what people will know about you before they even get to your website. As such, it needs to be something that creates a good impression way before your visitors get to your landing page. Choosing a good web URL is therefore, something that should be given enough time and dedication.

The good news is that choosing a suitable website URL for your website is not rocket science. Here are 6 tips that will get you well on your way to a nice and catchy domain name.

6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

  1. Short is best

No matter how long your business name is, always go for a domain name that is short and simple. Having a long or complex URL doubles the risk of visitors misspelling or mistyping it, which results in lost traffic.

Also, while using a keyword in your domain name is a great idea, make sure that it is not at the expense of your domain name. The ideal length of a website domain name is 15 characters.

We would recommend going for a one word domain name because they are generally short and also have an advantage of being easy to remember.

  1. Use keywords

Search Engine Optimization starts from how your website’s domain name is structured. This means that using relevant keywords as your domain name will give you better visibility when people use the keywords to perform searches on search engines.

Try coming up with a domain name that describe your business in a word or two. Example, if yours is an interior design company, a suitable domain name would be interiordesigners.com.

Unfortunately, finding a domain name that uses your target keywords and is not taken is quite a task. You will therefore need to spend some time and fire up your creative engines to come up with other words that will make your website more visible.

  1. Memorable names stick

Yes, they do. The catchier a domain name is, the longer it will remain in the memories of its visitors.

It helps remembering that your domain name will be going up against hundreds more in the same nice, and making it memorable could just be what makes visitors come back again and again.

Once you’ve thought up a name, don’t rush to register it yet. Share it with a couple of friends and let them give you feedback. You may end up getting valuable ideas that you wouldn’t have thought of yourself.

  1. Choose appropriate domain name extensions

Two years ago, we would have recommended that you stick to .com for your domain name extension. The world has however changed so much over the last couple of years that .com isn’t the only website extension that can get you success online.

There are now hundreds of top level domain name extensions that you can choose to enhance your business. A good idea is our very own domain name trimor.ph.

A great advantage that these new top level domain name extensions have is that it is now easier to have your desired domain name even if it is not available on .com. For example, if the domain name interiordesigners.com is already taken on the .com extension, you may find that it is still available on the .design extension. You can therefore register your website as interior.design Go here for a complete list of available domain name extensions

  1. Do not use numbers and hyphens

Using numbers or hyphens in your website URL is akin to self-sabotage. This is because people often misunderstand domain names that contain these special characters and do not know how to understand them.

When using numbers in a domain name, it becomes difficult for people to understand whether you are using the numeral (2) or have the number spelt out (two). Eventually this causes most people to misspell the domain name resulting in lost traffic.

The same case is true for hyphens. Additionally, hyphens are mostly associated with spammy websites and you therefore run the risk of people classifying you as an untrustworthy website.

  1. Make it easy to say out loud

If your readers love your website, they would want to tell their friends about it. Make this process easy for them by making sure that your domain name is easy to understand and makes sense when said out loud.

Try speaking out your chosen domain name several times to see if it is easy to spell and pronounce. If it is, you are all set. If not, it is better to spend a little more time finding one that is because you never know when you will be asked to share your website’s URL in person. It would really be embarrassing if you have trouble spelling your own domain name.

Coming up with a great domain name is quite an easy task, but one that still requires some dedication to get right. We believe the domain name is the first opportunity of selling your brand and should therefore be given the seriousness it requires.

What next?

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