The internet has made life easy since its inception and you will agree with me that it has come with its fair share of challenges. However, it is safe to say that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. One of the key advantages is that it has made the world seem like a small village hence the name global village.

So, in light of this, many business owners have taken their businesses online in a bid to attract more customers and increase their revenues, but the task of building a quality website can be daunting. You see, you need a website that will not take up all your time and reduce your productivity.

Luckily, plugins exist to make your life easy, and by plugins I mean a lot of them. WordPress is the biggest and most preferred platform for website construction and that is not by accident. The fact that WordPress has “open doors” in that it can have its functionality extended to anything is why.

So, in this article we will be looking at some of the best free WordPress plugins for marketers.


I. Jetpack

This is one of the best free WordPress plugins and it starts off our list at number one because it deserves it. This plugin is loaded with some amazing features that will most definitely blow your mind.

One of these features is how you perform analytics in real-time on your dashboard. You literally see how your website is performing by the minute. For example, you can see how many guests are visiting your site, how many have become members in the last 10 minutes and so on.

More features include content tools and a super lightweight mobile theme specially optimized for mobile devices to ensure that your website is responsive. This plugin has proven that it is essential for marketers since they can use the amazing benefits that Jetpack has to offer to improve their website.


II. Yoast SEO

Internet visibility is absolutely crucial to the survival of your business in the online space. If your website is not seen by the masses, then you are guaranteed to close shop. However, Yoast SEO is here to save you from that.

You see, search engines feed on fresh content and that is what they use to rank you in their searches. So for you to have increased visibility on the search engine Result Pages, then this is definitely a must have plugin that helps you achieve better SEO.

Yoast SEO contains features like Meta descriptions, OpenGraph integration, breadcrumbs, SEO title editing and also an XML sitemap that is updated automatically.


III. MailChimp for WordPress

As a marketer you need to reach out to your existing and potential customers to fill them in on the latest products in your portfolio to boost sales.  If you have a website, then it can be really easy to update them. But what if you want to appeal to them in a more personal way, say via e-mail?

Today, it is common to see websites asking their customers for their e-mail addresses and what we have discussed above is the reason why. So, MailChimp is basically what you would use to promote e-mail marketing.

Look at MailChimp as a bulk e-mail sender that lets you reach as many customers as possible in the shortest time.


IV. Relevanssi

Searches are common in websites and especially in a website that contains a lot of products and you are trying to locate one particular product that you are interested in. some search boxes in various websites just suck at finding you relevant results and this where Relevanssi comes in.

Relevanssi as the name hints on, is dedicated on bringing you the best search results based on the relevance to your search. This plugin can search with quotes, phrases or identical terms.

In the free version, Relevanssi will only work for one site. However, in the premium version you will unlock more features that include searches across many websites.


V. Social Share Button

A huge percentage of the world’s population spend their time on social media platforms. Business owners have not been left behind and they are literally taking the fight for customers right to the customers’ doorsteps.

Many businesses have taken up digital marketing and it has proven to be an efficient method of acquiring new customers as well as boosting revenues. If you want to do this efficiently, you need a trusted partner and that is without a doubt the Social Share Button plugin.

This plugin enables you to connect with your customers on every social media platform available out there. This plugin comes with amazing layouts that enable you to add bars for posts or various pages that contain these social media buttons in them.

It is easy to use and efficient. You can choose the buttons you wish to add or select all of them from the never ending list available. The installation is also just as easy as it is quick.



I know you may be spoilt for choice about which plugins to use but the above are best free WordPress plugins. They are however, simply a drop in the ocean as there are still many more plugins that can be used and achieve the same results.

The plugins we have just outlined are of high quality and guarantee efficiency for all of you marketers out there. However, it should be noted that these plugins could be useless for one site and the same time very useful for another site. By this I mean that you should try and find a plugin that will fit your style and website in general.

With that, be very wise while picking your plugins.

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