Affiliates FAQ

Can I get a discount coupon for my visitors?

Currently we do not offer any discount code for affiliates. From time to time we do offer our clients a discount to sign up. As an affiliate you will get the benefits of our amazing affiliate rates.

Am I allowed to run paid campaigns on Google and Other advertising platforms?

Affiliates are not allowed to bid on keywords and run paid campaigns on Google and other platforms including social media paid ads.

Can I order a WordPress maintenance packages for my own WordPress site?

Yes, you are allowed to buy a WordPress maintenance account for your own personal blog. Please note that no affiliate commission will be paid for your personal account.

Am I allowed to advertise discounted offers to my clients and website users?

You can user your affiliate links to direct your clients to our website and you will be awarded the appropriate commissions for all your sign ups.

For which WordPress maintenance programs will I get commissions paid?

As an affiliate you will get paid on all our WordPress Maintenance packages. You will not get fees or commissions on any future development and support we may have to provide to the client that is referred to us, as our affiliate program is a once of payment for the referral, hence the reason why we pay a high commission on on-boarding a new client referred to us by you. However, we pay commissions for additional plan purchases by the referred client during the 60-day Cookie tracking period.

Am I allowed to create my own banners and promotional content?

If you would like to use your own banners and images for marketing purposes, you must obtain our explicit permission in writing, where by all art work and copy is subject to brand approval prior to use. We also provide a collection of banners and images to be used by our affiliates online. If you need custom banners, please feel free to contact us and design team will work with you to create the relevant materials.

When and how often do I get paid?

Your commissions are paid every Wednesday of the week following a 45-day hold after the sale. The registered WordPress maintenance account must be active and paid up to date at the time of the payout. There is no minimum balance before you get paid.

How will I get paid?

Your affiliate commissions will be paid via PayPal, you will need to have a valid and active PayPal account registered and have it on file with us. You can update the PayPal address on file if you chose to use a different account.

How do I monitor my sales activity and commissions?

Trimorph Provides you with a dashboard where you can view your sales and your commission structure. As well as a history of payments made to your PayPal account. In order to check your affiliates account login via the affiliate Login page.

How do I sign up as an affiliate for WordPress Maintenance with Trimorph?

Please visit our WordPress Maintenance affiliate page and follow the registration link there or sign up using the link here: https://trimorph.com.au/affiliate/signup/